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edvar dumani
Good day.

Below you can find the brief introduction of our company along with our feed offer.

Food is the main element for living of all animals. Like other animals, fish also needs sufficient and nutritious fish feed for proper growth and survival.

We believe that optimum fish production is not possible without nutritious feed. The ingredients of well balanced nutritious feed for fish are protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and water.

Normfeed is a creative and innovative fish feed producer: We are a leading producer of fish feed products in Turkey and neighbour countries. Our products are developed in close co-operation with the fish farming industry, who challenge our team to continuously create innovative solutions for different conditions and demands. We have over 20 years of experience in the fish farming industry

Normfeed, along with its brand Aquanorm, manages the whole process systematically from production to consumption via the “Feed is for nutrition” philosophy. As well as the typical products, it enriches the goods range each passing year with various special feeds and functional products that are produced for farms according to customers/farms requirements.

Normfeed has ability to reach its clients both via distributors or directly, offers support to the producer about farm management and animal health implementations via its well educated technical staff and helps manufacturer to become awake by providing them sustainable trainings both theorically and pratically.

Due to the large number of species produced, in Turkey and our exporting countries, such as seabass, seabream, salmon, rainbow trout, tilapia, grouper, barramundi, sturgeon, carp and etc.; a wide range of balanced nutrition and complete feeding programs has been developed by Normfeed. Any feed size, starting by 1 mm up to 14 mm, might be manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

Our sales volume per month is around 4000 tons. Apart from to local sales, we currently export our feeds to the following countries and companies

• Prima Fish – Tunisia
• Hanchia Fish – Tunisia
• Anis Agri Aquacole – Tunisia
• Ribarstvo vir d.o.o. – Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Kolak Fish Farm – Iraq
• Blue Waters OADC – Sultanate of Oman
• Qafam – Qatar

Our export volume per month has just reached approximiately to 2200 tons and eventually the balance of this total quantity is distributed to local aquaculture farms with our own trucks.

We eagerly want to enter into cooperation with your company as soon as possible. Our factory’s production capacity is 4000 tons per month. It means that we are not working with full capacity due to we aim to spread our product’s reputation to much more countries especially in Middle East region. Cause we really believe to our merchandise’s performance.

Whenever you would like to visit our factory, it will be a great pleasure to welcome you in our own facilities.

Finally I want to express you that everybody can claim that our product has the best quality as ours has it too, but however nobody can be competitive as much as we can be. The most important point we trust in is: “ Satisfying the customer, without compromising through product's quality”. We want to underline one point especially: We approve that your fishes will grow faster if you start to use our feeds.

We expect your valuable orders unpatiently.

Thanx in advance…
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