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  • Seafood is a mandatory part of the human diet, which saturates our body with healthy protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins A, D, E, B12, B6, etc. Our company is engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of a wide variety of seafood, including: Trout, Tolstoy, Amur and much more. All seafood are delivered at the most affordable prices and in the shortest possible time.

    Seafood is all edible that is obtained from the ocean, excluding vertebrates such as whales and fish. All these products are very valuable and nutritious, as they contain only useful substances and few calories.

    We, like no one else, know how healthy seafood is. They contain high-quality proteins and almost all the trace elements necessary for the human body. Seafood is saturated with calcium, which is especially needed for people who are actively engaged in mental activity. Seaweed contains healthy fiber and vitamin B, etc. In addition, seafood proteins contain many amino acids, which are absorbed by our body much more easily than, for example, meat protein. Seafood has very useful omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which significantly improve and activate intercellular metabolism, lower blood cholesterol, etc.

    Seafood is a very healthy and delicious food. Dishes from seafood are good, both for every day, and with diet food or, conversely, for a chic festive table. Especially widely used in the so-called "Mediterranean" cuisine. Recently, seafood has been very popular as a snack for beer. In addition, shrimp, mussels, scallops, seaweed and other inhabitants of the ocean are also excellent food for the summer, as it is very light and quickly absorbed by the body.

  • Nutrition is an integral part of every person’s life. All nutritionists and doctors agree in one opinion: a varied diet is the best and most useful diet. But to cook various dishes every day, and even several times for each meal - a task that it is impossible for a working person to realize. Free food delivery comes to the rescue. With the help of such a service, it is possible to easily organize the diet and make the diet as diverse as possible. A large assortment of dishes allows you to order new fish masterpieces daily.

  • Some people still prefer to cook their own meals immediately for several days in advance. Why is this not recommended? Over time, both thermally processed and fresh products lose their beneficial properties. Some of them (for example, tomatoes, onions, exotic fruits, etc.) cannot be stored in the refrigerator at all. Thanks to food delivery, you will eat freshly prepared meals rich in vitamins and minerals every day.

  • Fish fillet is an absolutely natural and environmentally friendly product, which must be present in the diet of a modern person. You can easily buy different fish fillets later and at retail with us. Our company is ready to offer you the supply of any consignment of carp fillet, toasthead, grass carp, pike perch, catfish, etc., and there is also frozen fish in large quantities.

    Fish fillet is very valuable in terms of the content of substances that are very important for our body. Fillet of perch, pink salmon, cod, hake is rich in iodine, copper, manganese, useful zinc - all these substances are necessary for normal metabolism. Especially a lot of iodine in cod, catfish, etc. Of the macroelements that are contained in the fish fillet, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron are considered the most valuable.

    In order for them to be well assimilated, you need their optimal ratio, which is in the fish and its fillet. That is why marine products must necessarily be present in therapeutic nutrition. Due to the rich composition of minerals in the fish fillet, it puts it among the products that best affect the functioning of the human body. Fish fillet is an excellent source of vitamin D, high-quality proteins, as well as healthy fats. It is especially useful to eat fish meat of various varieties, which our company implements.

    The fillet will especially appeal to those who do not want to engage in gutting fish on their own. Fish fillet is very often used in cooking. Currently, it is a fashionable ingredient in various cuisines of the world. Still, because the fillet can be fried, stewed, cooked in a pan, grilled, salted, etc. The fillet can be seasoned with spices to taste, as well as lime or lemon juice, oriental fish sauce, which will enhance its taste, ginger, tomato paste, etc. Nutritionists recommend eating fish fillets at least 1-2 times a week.

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